Top qualifications are expensive. A StepEx Future Earnings Agreement (FEA) removes the cost barrier to enable everyone to fulfil their professional potential.

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We enable the less wealthy majority to access the best qualifications in exchange for an affordable share of their future earnings.

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What is a Future Earnings Agreement?

We provide two products, our award-winning Future Earnings Agreement (FEA), and Payment Plans (PP). These products allow you to finance your education on the terms that work best for you.

A Future Earnings Agreement (FEA) enables you to pay for your course only when you are in employment, earning at least a minimum income amount, and then only repay an affordable percentage of your income.

A Payment Plan enables you to pay for your course with a fixed number of monthly repayments.

Unlike a student loan from a high street lender, with our loans, the amount you have to repay is either unconditionally fixed and doesn’t inflate with interest, or based upon a fixed percentage of your future income (earn more, repay more, earn less, and you repay less).

And you may not need to repay straight away. Why? Repayments only begin when your earnings go above an income threshold. So they’re affordably in line with what you earn.

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We partner with top education providers and investors to open up the best qualifications to the less wealthy majority.

Our education providers select the best students for the course, not just the wealthiest applicants. Qualifications are priced on potential future earnings, not upfront course fees.

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